Amfidental Dentistry

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AMFIDENTAL is a new ultra modern dental clinic in Budapest, which has been developed by Dr Attila Kuncsik working with his team of dental hygienists and professional assistants. AMFIDENTAL offers intimate personal treatment unlike the impersonal style of the new large plaza style clinics whose multiple dentists work in a very commercial environment. The primary aim of the dental team is to provide the highest quality professional dental standards in a caring and comfortable environment.

AMFIDENTAL provides its patients with long term guarantees in the knowledge that we have provided our patients with the best treatment available in our profession while using world class technology and the latest and most modern developments in dentistry, dental surgery and implantology.

AMFIDENTAL has a long term experience in providing dental treatment for patients from abroad since 2004. Our patient’s testimonials attest to the quality of the dental treatment they have received.