Dental crowns

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When there is not enough own tooth material and tooth gets week the filling or inlay is not sufficiant to restore it so we have to make porcelain crown to cover and keep strongly the tooth on long term. Certainly it can be necessary because of aesthetic reasons if teeth are discoloured, cracked or not straight, and functionally reasons if teeth are worned or stand out of bite. If a tooth is missing we can make bridge to replace the missing tooth if we prepare the neighbouring teeth for crowns and the technician makes a porcelain bridge that contains more crowns on the same base.

We can differentiate metal based porcelain crowns and metal free crowns.

The metal based crowns are the classic porcelain crowns, they can contain dental metal (Co-Cr) or Golden. In the last decade the number of these crowns have really reduced and the trend is that we make metal free crowns, and try not to use any metal in the mouth – except for the Titanium (implants, abutments).

The metal free porcelain crowns are the Zirconium crowns (Procera, Zeno, Zenostar) and the pure Porcelain crowns (e-max,Empress). These crowns are used usually in our day’s aesthetic dentistry. They are not only beautiful but they are biocompatible.