Tooth filling

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Our tooth filling materials are all tooth coloured, modern biocompatible materials. We do not use the amalgam fillings but the modernest white fillings which color, strength, wear-proofness, shrinkage, transparency is very close to the natural teeth’s qualities.
We had better to call these fillings „aethetic restorations” as our aim is not only the filling of the cavity but the restauration of the original anatomic shape. It’s very important that the fillings have to meet the cavity’s edge without any gaps or steps so all the tooth surface has to be smooth. Otherwise there is the danger for a secondary caries of the filling.
In our surgery we use the „Gradia” filling material which is the market maker product of the Japanese GC company. We have been used it since many years with really good experience. By the way this is the only 5 star filling material.

What materials are used for fillings?
In our surgery we regularly use tooth coloured composite filling materials, exactly the one and only 5-star filling material, the „Gradia” that the product of a Japanese company „GC”. Aesthetically grant, perfectly polishable and high worninng resistency are the main qualities of it.

How long will my new filling keep well?
The composite fillings said to be right for 7-10 years. This is correct if we are talking about huge, big fillings. The smaller fillings should keep for longer time, usually more than 10 years as their shrinking is quite little. Certainly the durability of a filling depends on oral hygiene too.

Will my filling discolour?
No, the „Gradia” keeps it’s colour and shape.

When can I eat after the new filling?
You have to wait only for the numbing passing, this can take about 2-3 hours. The filling material is perfectly hard immediately after finishing the filling.

What will I feel after the filling? Will it be sensitive?
Sometimes you can naturally experience smaller sensitivity immediately after filling, as first the drilling is a mechanic stress, and second the adhesive bond with filling material is a chemical stress for the tooth.If the freshly filled teeth are a bit sensitive for some days, do not worry, this will settle down.

If the cavity is too big what happens? Can it be filled in?
If at the drilling the decayed cavity reaches the nerve, so the nerve canal exposes, the filling can not be done immediately as first we have to do the root canal treatment. If the cavity is big and deep, then we defend the nerve canal with a liner base filling not to cause any hypersensitivity or inflammation int he nerve canal.

Is the filling painful?
We usually give numbing injections for fillings, as without it the drilling can be painful. We use more type of anaesthetic injections and more anaesthetic methods.