Dental implant types

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Nowadays there are more than a hundred types of dental implants on the market. When choosing an implant, it’s very important to check the producer’s trustworthiness, its researches, its development, its past, and if the factory can guarantee the reproduction of the implant system’s components for more than 10 years. We also have to check the implants’ connection to the abutments, just like their coating, sterility and package. The selection of an implant system is a huge responsility for the oral surgeon or dentist, as he offers a warranty on the implantation and the implant’s prosthetic work. The dentist is responsible for the prosthetic stability and the healthy tissues around the implants for a long term, so we have to choose an implant system that meets the highest standards. At Amfidental we use dental implant systems that are owned by the Nobel Biocare company. The original Nobel implants, Nobel Biocare Replace CC® and Nobel Biocare Active® both are premium implants. Nobel (Branemark) dental implants were the first root-shaped implants that were placed into a jawbone, and ever since they have been used for almost 50 years with great success. Certainly they have improved a lot in the last decades in shape, coating or connection. There are other high-standard dental implants at Amfidental called Alpha Bio SPI implants that are also produced by the Nobel Biocare company. These innovative implants are more affordable, so they are very popular in our surgery.