Bone augmentation

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When the jawbone’s height and thickness is not sufficient for the implantation, we have to perform a bone augmentation. The bones can be augmented with the patient’s own bones or with synthetic bone grafting material. For the best results we usually use the combination of the two. In our surgery we only use Bio Oss® grafting material. In case of bigger bone losses (like sinus lift) we use large granulated bone grafts mixed with autogenous bone material. The autogenous bone is collected from the outer wall of the sinus with a special “safe scraper”. On the other hand, in case of smaller bone losses (like cysts at resections) we use smaller granulated bone grafts. The recovery from the bone augmentation takes about 6-10 months. During this time the graft material integrates into the bone and hardens. The implant surgery can only be performed when the material is completely solid, and after another 4 months of healing, the prosthetic work can be done too.