Procera crowns

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The Nobel Biocare was the first who started the producing of the Zirconium crowns. They called their own special Zirconia system „Procera”. These crowns are the most famous trademark still of the Zirconium crowns. When we file down the teeth for crowns and take the impressions, we send it to our Hungarian technician laboratory. The technician makes the exact gypsum model and puts it into a scanner. The scanner reads the information about the crown preparation, and the information goes directly to Sweden, to the Nobel Biocare technician laboratory. There they make the CAD/CAM preparation of the Zirconium crown or Zirconium base and send it back to the Hungarian technician. The technician here finishes the crown works with porcelain layers and glaze and the crowns arrive to the dentistry for fitting. The Swedish CAD/CAM factory of Nobel Biocare is at the very highest standard with long term warranty. They are the market maker in Zirconium crowns.