Dental implantation

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Am I suitable for implants in Hungary?
In case one is healthy, having normal bone structure, the implant work can be recommended. Naturally, we have to state the exact anamnesis, examination, and treatment plan based on the exact diagnosis (X-ray and/or CT) prior the implant work is started.

What is the implant made of?
The dental implants are pure titanium, which is a biocompatible material, causing no allergic reactions.

Which type of implants are the best? Which one do you use?
There are more hundreds of implant systems worldwide. Our surgery uses the Alpha Bio SPI implants, which is owned by the reputable world famous Nobel Biocare Co.

Will my bone accept the implant?
The success rate of the Alpha Bio implant surgeries is 95-98%. The implants perfectly integrate into the healthy bone.

How painful is the implant surgery?
Implant work is to be done in a perfect local anesthesia, so it is not painful at all. This is the most comfortable dental surgery as no infected tissues are operated. The healing period is also shorter, given that the patient receives immediate medication following the implant work.

What should I be aware of following the implant surgery?
The bone integration of the implants takes 3 months. This period should be painless, except for the first 1-2 weeks tender tension, due to the fresh wounds. During the healing period, proper oral hygiene is essential.

What is the lifetime of an implant?
Alpha Bio Co. provides a lifetime warranty on SPI implants. The lifetime of an integrated implant is usually similar to the original teeth – of course, subject to the proper oral hygiene.

How does the implant surgery occur?
The patient receives full information on the surgery and on all the possible complications, the exact position and size of the implant is to be planned based on the diagnostic results. First we cut the gum to the required extent, expose the bone, drill the sequences for the optimal length and width and with a special implant rachet we screw in the implants. Then we do the stitches, which are to be removed within 5-7 days.

Will I get any temporaries while the implants heal?
Naturally, we provide the patient with immediate temporary bridge or denture for the healing period.

What should I do if the implant is not healing?
Should any strong pain occur throughout more days, and weeks following the implant surgery or the implant will not be stable after the healing period, or the control X-ray shows any infections, the implant will be removed together with the infected tissues in the bone. Following 4-5 months of regeneration period, the implant work can be repeated.

What is a sinus lift? Do I need bone graft?
In certain cases, the bone is not sufficient for implant work. If the jawbone’s height is less than 8 mm. or the thickness is less than 4 mm. bone grafting might be necessary. This can be achieved by different methods. The simplest bone grafting on the upper arch is the sinus lift, which means load-up of the sinus base with sterile bone granulate (BIO-OSS). This is also the part of the implant surgery, while the healing term is elongated usually up to 6-12 months.