Zirconium crowns

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Zirconium dioxide is a high strength ceramic material, the composation of the rare element Zirconium and Oxigen, often referred to as Zirconium oxide or Zirconoxide. Zirconium oxide ceramic material have been used for over 20 years in medicine mainly for hip replacements. These material are of course fully biocompatible, because the main ingredients are partially the same minerals found in bone-structure.

In the Dentallux I have been using the marketmaker ZENO Zirconium System since 2006, which is the product of the german Wieland Gmbh.

Even patients with allergies or an otherwised weakened immune system will most likely not suffer from any negative reaction related to the ZENO Zirconium. As it has no any electrical conductivity and therefore no electrical potential, acting as an insulator. Corrosion is also not possible, therefore gigival reactions like the usual “black gum line” around the porcelain fused to metal crown-magin will definitely not occur.

In 2009 the Wieland Gmbh begin to procutc the transparent zirconium oxide that improves the transparency of the porcalain crowns I can bravely recommend the zirconium crowns for everyboby who would like to have the most aesthetic and longlife porcelain restoration.

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What is Zirconium?
The Zirconium-dioxide (short name Zirconium, Zircon) is a metalfree material, a type of porcelains that is 5-6 times stronger than tooth enamel or than normal covering porcelain so it is suitable to build up the base of long porcelain bridges or crowns. As causes no any allergy can be handled as biomaterial.

What advantages Zirconium has?

  • Metalfree so perfectly biocompatible material in mouth, does not cause allergy, does not lead tempreture, does not cause gum inflammation.
  • Crowns fit perfectly precisely on teeth because of computer aided planning and management(CAD/CAM).
  • Beautiful aesthetic appearance they have.
  • Really hard and strong materials, we can make the longest bridges with Zircon base.

What is disadvantage of Zirconiums?

  • Biggest disadvantage is the high price compare to normal crowns.
  • At aesthetic zone on front teeth sometimes they are not as transparent as the natural teeth or high-strength pure porcelains like E-max crowns.