Dental implants

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Amfidental Budapest dentistry offers luxurious high-tech implants at a low price for 10 years for foreigner patients.

Amfidental provides the highest standard of implants from the market leader, most famous implant factory, the Nobel Biocare. Our long-term implant experience, the accurate planning and our highest care will make you feel comfortable during the implant surgery. We also provide all kinds of accessorial implant surgeries that help improve the quality and quantity of periodontal tissues such as the jaw bone, gum or connective tissue.

why choose Benefit from the luxurious dental services of Amfidental: we believe that providing our clients with the best medical material in a world-class dental clinic can be the basis of a successful cooperation between doctor and patient. Our high standards ensure the best up-to-date treatments in a friendly, trustful yet professional environment. This is what you deserve, so book a consultation for our aesthetic dental treatments here:


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The “dental implant” means a titanium screw similar to a natural root is placed into the jawbone, in order to substitute for a missing tooth. The implant is made purely of titanium, which is a biomaterial and so does not cause any irritation in the bone. We use the most innovative implant in the Amfidental, the AphaBio system, which is the most innovative system of the world from the marketmaker world famous Nobel company.
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If you come to Budapest for implants then you will have to visit us twice. Firstly when we do the surgery itself and this takes 5 days. The 1st day we do the operation, the 2nd and 3rd day do check-ups and on the 5-7 day take out the stitches.

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The second visit should be 3 months later, as the implants need time to have a direct and strong connection to the bone. This 3 month-long time is the healing period, the “bone-integration”. At the second visit we put in the superstructures, take the impressions, try in and finally fit the porcelain crown(s) or porcelain bridge(s). This visit takes at least 5 workdays.

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Long term clinical data reveals that the prognosis for implant treatment is very positive in teh region of 90-95% success rate in the absence of rist factors such as heavy smoking, uncontrolled gum disease and underlying poor bone quality and quantity. Smokers may have as much as 3 times higher risk of complications with theit implants compared to non-smokers. Prospective implants patients are therefore advised to discontinue smoking if at all possible. The success of implant treatment will depend mainly on your ability to maintain vary high level of oral hygiene in the long term. You will need to attend your dentist at 3-6 monthyl intervals to esure good periodontal condition is maintained around your implant fixtures and any standing natural teeth.

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Contiuous audit of our patients reveal that the operation itself is a fully painless experience. The post-operative symptoms are controlled with modern medication wich is rated “goog to excellent” in effectiveness.