Teeth whitening

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Whose teeth can be whitened?
We can offer our bleaching service to everybody as the whitening does not destroy the enamel. Certrainly there are several cases when we do not indicate the bleaching like hypersensitive teeth, heavy front fillings or crowns. The bleaching material does not whiten the crowns or fillings only the own tooth materials.

Does bleaching destroy the natural teeth?
The professional whitening does not destroy the natural teeth as it contains only peroxides.

What material is used for whitening?
In our surgery we use only high concentrate hydrogene-peroxide and in some cases carbamide-peroxide with a direct lightening(LED).

Which is the most effective bleaching method?
The direct professional bleaching has the best results that happens int he surgery about through 2 hours. In our surgery the whitening is success oriented, if the bleaching result is not satisfying after the 1st time(after 3 cycles), we will repeat it again for free of charge.

How long will my teeth keep this whiter colour?
Usually the teeth stay white for 1-2 years, after this you will have to repeat it.

How long does it take?
The professional bleaching needs about 2 hours.

What should I take care after bleaching?
After bleaching you should not have any dark meals or drinks -like chocolate, coffee, coke, redwine,etc- for about 1 week. After this period you can eat everything like before and you should clean the teeth normally.