Amalgam filling

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The amalgam fillings are usually mentioned as Silver fillings but we should not forget that the 50% of these fillings is the Mercury. These fillings are very stabile, ideal in molar and premolar teeth as mechanically they are really strong. The amalgam was very popular because of the cheap price and durability, millions of these fillings are done still in our days worldwide. In Europe the using of the silver fillings is reduced a lot. First because of the developing of the aesthetic dentistry and second, because it contains Mercury that is poisoning if we contact it. The Silver has a very strong covalent bonding with the Mercury, so researching say that the Mercury can’t get out of this bonding, but to tell the truth, it’s better to avoid the using of the heavy metals in alive tissues.

As in the last decades the tooth coloured filling materials improved a lot in stability, durability, wear-proofness and esthetic effect, certainly we use them for every kind of fillings.