Dental cleaning, tartar removal

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The removal of the tartar is one of the most important dental treatment from all. The tartar – that contains a big mass of bacterias too- relays a constant pressure on the gum and this way causes a chronic gum inflammation. The inflammation gets through to the bone and the bone begins to receed. This is the beginning of the gum disease (periodontal disease). This inflammation leads to mobile, loose teeth and later the losing of the own, healthy teeth.

There are two methods to remove the tartar. With handy istruments the tartar removal is a long and painful process. The ultrasonic cleaning is much more friendly with the teeth and the soft tissues, it’s not as sensitive. The time frame of the cleaning is about 30-60 minutes. First we remove the visible, supragingival tartar, and finally we clean the subgingival areas too. We also clean between the teeth, we use abrasive stripes and we make a universal polishing at the end. Finally perfectly smooth surfaces stay back, so the new tartar can hardly bond on the teeth.

What is plaque? What is tartar?
If you do not clean your teeth pretty well then the plaque appears on the teeth’s surface. If the plaque can stay on teeth on longer term, it adsorbs the minerals from the saliva and you will have tartar. The tartar builds up itself from several layers, can fill up the gaps between the teeth and can cover large teeth surfaces.

Why is important to remove the tartar?
The tartar -that contains lots of bacterias- constantly keeps the gum under pressure, and this way causes a chronic gum inflammation. The inflammation later goes through to the underlying tissue, so does not only the gum receeds but the bone too, and the gum disease appears.

How do we remove tartar?
In our surgery the removal of the tartar happens with ultrasonic scaler that does not destroy the enamel but removes all the tartar and discolouration. After scaling we always do polishing as the tartar gets backmuch harder on smooth surfaces.

Does the professional cleaning hurt?
Usually it causes some sensitivity that does not need any anaestesia. If somebody is hypersensitive, certainly we can give numbing injections.

How long does cleaning take?
The cleaning usually needs 30-45 minutes included the polishing..

How often should I go for scaling?
The tartar producing is quite different at each patient. Usually we recommend to remove the tartar every 6 or 12 months.

How can I avoid having tartar?
The correct brushing can avoid or can much reduce the tartar’s appearance. We do recommend the use of sonic toothbrushes and the interdental cleaners like dental floss or Super floss. If somebody produces lots of tartar then only the systematic professional scaling is advised.

What is gum disease?
The gum disease is the chronic inflammation of the gum and bone that irreversibly destroys the fixture of teeth. It’s reason is mainly the tartar but agressive bacterias and genetic reasons are also can be at the gum disease’s background.