Tooth extraction

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Before extractions we always have to make a panoramic x-ray. We can make it in our surgery too. We have to know the exact position of the tooth we want to take out, it’s shape, the root’s curves, the connections to the neighbouring teeth and tissues (nerves, sinuses). We have to to know if there is any infection around the root as we have to remove that too. In some case the making of a dental CT can also be necessary, mainly at wisdom teeth.

At extraction the most important is the painlessment, so we always perfectly numb the tooth and the tissues around. During the extraction the patient should not feel any pain but certainly feels the strain of the tooth as the removal usually needs quite a big force. After the extraction we check the place of the root and the extracted root too if it has all parts. Ater all the patient bites on a sterile gauze until the bleeding stops – this may take about 15 minutes. If it’s necessary we place in some stitches in the gum, for the nicer healing.

Does the extraction hurt?
No, we remove any teeth in full anesthesia so you can forget the pain. The patient is provided with any anesthesia required for the perfect numbness.

Will the place of extraction hurt later on any time?
Naturally certain amount of pain may occur in the first couple of days after the extraction, as the wound is fresh in the mouth. This wound usually heals really fast, due to the saliva’s immoglobulin.

What will happen if a piece of tooth or root breaks and stays in? Can you remove it?
If a piece of tooth or a root stays inside the bone jaw, first we attempt to remove it carefully with the use of special locators without surgery. Should it break again or if it cannot be removed as described above, we have to go for surgical extraction and we put stitches into the gum. Under no circumstance may we leave any small piece of tooth or root in the bone jaw.

How long does it take for the tooth to heal following extraction?
The gum will heal primarily in 1-2 weeks and the place of the extraction gets smaller and smaller. In order to heal perfectly, the gum needs altogether approximately 6-10 weeks.

When can the extracted tooth be substituted by a new one at the first time?
The denture can be made within 1-2 weeks after the extraction. If a bridge is required, 6-10 weeks healing time is necessary. If you need implants, then 3-4 months time is enough for the gum and the bone regeneration.