Porcelain veneers

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Minimal preparation – minimal sensitivity – wonderful fresh smile.

When we prepare a tooth for crownwork we have to prepare all of the surfaces of the tooth, but for veneer much less preparation is required and it involves only preparing the visible surfaces of the tooth. In this case a lot of the patient’s own tooth material can be saved. If the patient wants only to refresh the smile and if the front teeth are discoloured or if their shape is not perfect then veneers can be the best recommendation. Veneers are made from highly pressed (Empress) porcelain just like Empress crowns from transparent and translucent ceramics, they are the most beautiful, like the Empress crowns, the top of the Aesthetic Dentistry.

Are veneers fragile?
Veneers are very thin and fragile but only until we fit them. After fitting on their place they are very strong and stabile.

Will my teeth will be filed down for veneers?
Yes, some slight preparation is necessary for veneerwork on teeth’s visible surfaces.

What does keep the veneer on it’s place?
Veneers fitted on their place with adhesive technology, we use strong, tooth coloured, dual core luting cement to fix them.

Will veneers discolour?
The porcelain never discolours but temporary discolourations can bond on their surface that can be easily removed with cleaning and polishing.

How long does it take to have veneers?
We can make veneers for 5 days.

Will I get temporaries until I get my new veneers?
Certainly we make temporary veneers until the porcelainwork is ready. The patients always leave with temporary veneers.