Bleaching at home

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The home whitening is the other way to bleach your teeth. In this case we take impressions from the upper and lower teeth and the technician makes upper and lower whitening splints. We order the home whitening kit from the producer that includes the whitening materials. The patient has to fill up the splints with the whitening material and place it on the teeth for 1 hour ever day, through 7-8 days. The final result can be similar to the direct whitening, but there are some differences. The big advantage of the home whitening that the splints are reusable, so you don’t have to buy it again, only the whitening material. The disadvantage is that the long treatment through 8 days can cause serious sensitivity sometimes. So the experience is that the patients give up after 3-4 days because of the sensitivity. That is why we prefer the professional bleaching in the surgery.